Residential College Accessibility Fund

Residential College Accessibility Funds

Each of the 11 Residential Colleges operate an Accessibility Fund, designed to support costs associated with a undergraduate student’s participation in the life of their Residential College as well as at the University. Requests for financial support may include the following:

  • Residential College merchandise (clothing and other college-branded paraphernalia)
  • Ticket fees for campus wide events (including but not limited to Rondelet, Esperanza, Senior Gala, etc.)
  • Costs associated with a college organized off-campus dinner or event
  • Transportation related costs for travel to events (i.e. off campus dinner or event)
  • Costs associated with trips with your peers (such as trips associated with an academic class, Alternative Spring Break, etc)
  • Rice University bookstore merchandise

Other items which are not included on this list could be considered for college specific funding. For more information about your college's fund, contact your Residential College via the page linked below.

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