Financial Assistance Resources for Healthcare Costs

If you are looking to submit an AOP application to request financial assistance to cover your personal healthcare costs (i.e. medical, dental, vision care expenses). Please make sure to connect with our Wellbeing and Counseling Center Office prior to submitting your AOP Application.

The Wellbeing and Counseling Center has helped many students pursue, apply, and obtain financial assistance for medical care through other financial assistance programs. Many healthcare providers have financial assistance programs that may provide free or discounted medical services to patients who meet certain eligibility standards and are unable to pay for their medical treatments. This includes patients who don't have health insurance and cannot pay their bill as well as patients who have coverage with an insurance carrier but are unable to pay their portion of the bill after insurance pays.​​​​

If you need help paying for your personal medical services you may qualify and be eligible to receive from such Financial Assistance Programs. As such, we encourage you to reach out to these programs for assistance and the Wellbeing Office can assist you with the process. Please note, Financial Assistance Programs are a discretionary program offered by some and not all healthcare providers.

The Wellbeing and Counseling Center also offers financial assistance intended for those students in need of covering the costs related to managing their mental health resources.

Contact the Wellbeing and Counseling Center for more information.

To schedule or reschedule an appointment, please call 713-348-3311 during business hours or email Their hours are Monday - Friday 9 AM – 5 PM

In the event you have exhausted these resources, the Access and Opportunity Portal may provide financial assistance towards students’ personal healthcare costs (i.e. medical, dental, vision care expenses).